Regular and Private Classes

At Students Top, a group of educational professionals, realizing the importance of good education strives to provide the same for the generation ahead. We, at Students Top, believe that education is a necessity far beyond any simplistic explanation. We are fascinated by the idea of improving the lives of others and the world better than we found it through the greatest weapon of all time, education.

StudentTop Regular classes are specially designed, keeping in mind the difficulties students and their parents undergo.  Be it study gap, document issues, unaffordable fees, poor communication skills or lack of availability of flexible class schedules, we have covered it all.

The structure of regular courses we offer at Students Top are as follows: [Buttons]

  • Grade 1 to Grade 8
  • Grade 9th & 10th (FBISE)
  • F. Sc. (Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering) (FBISE)
  • I. Com (FBISE)
  • (Punjab University)
  • (Punjab University)
  • B A (Punjab University)
  • M A (Punjab University)

Grade 1 to Grade 8

Grade 1 to Grade 8 is deemed to be the most crucial years of a student’s educational journey. When the base is right, the knowledge instilled in the young minds gets better. The kids of today are harnessing to transform onto grown-up citizens of tomorrow. The growth is identical to destiny, echoed through the quality of contemporary educational practices. A school must arouse curiosity in the young, susceptible minds and furnish them with accessories to excel.

It is extensively affirmed that the training and learning process is effective in moulding one’s personality and the way he/she deals with circumstances of life. The shift of thoughts from academic knowledge to understanding life, in schools, has delivered a sea of revolution. People have warmed up to the notion of knowledge being the key to excellent development instead of just a means to procure degrees and monetary success in life. Education must promote the advancement of a healthy thought process and groom our cognitive abilities. Education, nowadays, is a basic obligation for human beings after food, clothes, and shelter.

In the olden days, schools were recognized as areas to learn events in history chapter, solve puzzling mathematical problems or recite poems and sonnets. In the modern scholastic scenario, a child learns to go past the traditional way of learning. We at Students Top strive to help the child learn the best, their way. We go beyond the conventional method of teaching and educate the students in a fun-filled method.

Grade 9th & 10th (FBISE)

The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad established under FBISE ACT 1975, is an autonomous body of Ministry “Federal Education and Professional Training”. We at Students Top provide expert classes on Grade 9 and 10 to help them in their mission ahead.

Nearly all that you learn in school guides towards your higher exams. Grade 10 is comprehended to be the preeminent challenging exam that one will encounter. It lets you determine what you want to be in your life. Furthermore, it encourages you to gear up towards picking subjects that you are more fascinated about.

Amidst all of the spotlight on grade 10, students oftentimes tend to disregard the subjects explained in grade 9 considering it less important. However, if you are a student who really wishes to understand these topics in the long run, you should focus on grade 9 as well.

Hence, both Grade 9 and 10 are equally important and vital in shaping the future of a child. The expert professionals at Students Top ensure that we provide the best study help and classes to the students to excel in their studies.

F. Sc. (Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering) (FBISE)

FSc stands for “Faculty of Sciences” and is also termed “Intermediate.” Faculty of Sciences is a course attended after completing the matriculation. It is a two-year program which comprises two parts or two years of education namely 1st year and 2nd year.

Faculty of Sciences normally has two types:

1.       FSc pre-medical (with Biology)

2.       FSc pre-engineering (with Maths)

These two courses individually are required before getting admission in professional studies of medical and engineering.

After ten successful years of schooling, throughout which a student gets individual and controlled attention, he/she enters an intermediate level program where one is abruptly exposed to an entirely new study environment.

At this level, the aspirants are treated as an adult, given significant latitude as well as asked to take responsibility for their career planning. At Students Top, students are given the time and environment to adapt to their new level of learning and education. Contact us and learn more about the course to choose the best for your child.

FSc Pre-Engineering

FSc Pre-engineering is a two years program offered by well-known public and private colleges. Faculty of engineering or FSc Pre-engineering (two years academic certificate) gives the candidate extensive knowledge about the basic scientific survey. At this level, the board is responsible for conducting exams of two parts (intermediate part 1 part 2) individually after the completion of sessions.

FSc Pre-Medical

Intermediate of Science (FSc Pre-Medical) students take biology, physics, and chemistry. FSc.Pre-Medical program is taken by those students who wish to enhance their expertise in the domains of science and medicine. This program is vital for students who are interested in getting admission to medical colleges all over the country and abroad.

Students Top understands the importance of these two years, be it F. Sc. Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering under the FBISE. The experts here ensure to help the students in their personality development and also in their preparation for a demanding professional journey. Contact Us to make sure that you are on the right path towards your professional journey.


Students Top provides Regular Classes for the ICS under the FBISE curriculum. We believe in the students and trust their capabilities of doing excellent work. Ultimately, we instill our students the strength that nothing is impossible. The subject experts and professionals at Students Top ensures to guide the students through our platform as they sit in a classroom, taking a lecture from the teachers, giving them their respective notes, and other helping material, etc. The expert professionals at Students Top will provide assignments to will help the students learn, as well as discuss the problems they face. The expert teachers here will also help them by giving them the ultimate solution for the issues they meet while learning. Our teachers are ever-ready for your queries.

We, at Students Top, believe that nothing can stop a student from learning if there is a will to. Accordingly, we guide the students with what to learn, providing them with proper helping material, inculcating in them the urge to understand it. Contact Us and learn more about the courses provided at Students Top and help your child to bring out the best in them.

I Com

The Intermediate of Commerce (I.Com) degree curriculum strives at providing students with a good foundation in diverse disciplines of business. This program from Students Top will allow students to earn an initial perception of the role of financial management in the business firm, including the calculations and usage of financial ratios. Students will develop a knowledge of how companies choose between possible investments and how they raise capital. Students will gain knowledge on the role of financial institutions especially the operation of securities markets.

A student can join any private or government organization as a specialist in any of the streams of commerce after completing I.Com (Intermediate in Commerce) course in the field of commerce. Students Top helps the students in learning the subjects in detail and aid the students in their career journey. We provide the students with proper guidance and preparation tips along with the regular classes on I Com(FBISE). Contact Us to know more about the classes on I.Com that Students Top provide.

B Com(Punjab University)

Students Top started offering the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Degree program to provide students education in the areas of Commerce, Accounting, Banking, and Business Law. This program highlights the notions and skills of Accountancy and Computer applications.

The curriculum of the B.Com degree course includes developing and applying finance and computer application concepts to Commerce. The Commerce Department at Students Top grants chief attention to steadily improving the method of teaching and evaluation. This helps the students attain relevant experience through field study as well as simulation exercises.

Apart from the normal curriculum students get to participate in cross-cultural group activities like clubs and meetings during their free time, where they learn to develop their interpersonal skills. Students are also encouraged to take part in team activities like debates, extempore challenges, and public speaking helping them to explore their talents and skills. Contact Students Top to learn more about the courses offered with details.

M Com (Punjab University)

The M.Com degree is a post-graduate course offered for graduates in commerce. The syllabus followed for this course at Students Top fulfils the Punjab University M.Com syllabus requirements. The course content has been formulated by some of the most brilliant minds to compete in the field of commerce. The highlight of the M.Com course syllabus offered at Students Top is the selection of electives which has been done carefully to go with the latest trends in the industry and to keep pace with the ever-changing tides of the service sectors. The electives proposed have been meticulously picked by our scholarly minds; considering the need for students to learn these subjects to be in lieu of the current industry norms.

When you take a look at the M.Com course details, our course encourages students to learn with the help of case studies and real-life role-plays. This will enable the students to have a deeper understanding of the subjects and apply their learning in real-life scenarios. The classroom environment is adapted with interactive sessions and complemented with the use of multimedia lectures making the subject interesting and the learning process more effective. Contact Us to learn more about the details of the courses offered by Students Top.